Here at Best 4 Jax we are interested in home improvement businesses that are the Best for Jacksonville. We consider the Best for Jax as a business that is involved in the community, has been in business for 3+ years, accomplished great customer satisfaction, reached an achievement in product innovation and exemplified resilience.

Being in business for 3+ years is an important factor in our criteria because it not only shows that the business is committed to their success, but it also gives us a good track record to be able to reference. This time frame allows us to determine consistency in the rest of our criteria.

Community involvement includes volunteer work, donations and nonprofit sponsorship. We look at examples of contributions, programs and activities that return value and support to the Jacksonville community. We also take into consideration how employees are encouraged to, and recognized for, spending time in community service activities that the business values.  

Accomplishment of great customer satisfaction will be operationalized by Google Reviews. We will be looking for online reviews that average greater than 4 stars. We want to make sure that customers are steadily satisfied with the businesses’ services. 

Achievement in product innovation will allow the business to showcase product-related achievements that date back no later than one year. Applicable achievements may relate to product design or redesign, manufacturing processes or operations, branding, etc.

Growth and resilience will reflect the strength and scalability of the business. This is an opportunity for the business to present how they overcome hard times and utilize opportunities for continued growth. 

We are excited to present to you the best of the best.


The Best 4 Jax Team